Tpi 30″ Pole Mount Fan 1/4 Hp 9200 Cfm 3 Phase Explosion Proof Motor

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TPI 30″ Pole Mount Fan 1/4 HP 9200 CFM 3 Phase Explosion Proof MotorFeatures: TPI SPECIALTY POLE MOUNT FANS 30″ Non-Oscillating Three Phase Explosion Proof These quality fans include an enclosed permanently lubricated, PSC-type ball bearing motor for long life and optimum performance.3 quiet aluminum blades are enclosed in double locking steel wire guards for safetyPivot-action fan head allows vertical tilt angle adjustmentsPole mount attaches to 4″, 6″ or 8″ poles with U-Bolts (not included)Meets OSHA standards, UL listedIncludes a junction box for hard wiringExplosion Proof Models are unassembled and features Class I and II protection for flammable and carbon dust environment protection Horsepower rating based upon maximum speed/load.