pHandOrp Travel Ionizer

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Whether you’re on the road, at the office or hitting the gym, the Evontis pHandorpTM Travel Ionizer is ready to transform local tap water into a filtered supply of alkaline drinking water. pHandorpTM is a great alternative to bottle and tap water when you aren’t near your Evontis Elite WaterTM Ionizer!

• Gravity filter cleans tap water
• Filter cartridge adds essential minerals
• Reduces metals, bacteria and chlorine
• Filter lasts for 90 uses
pHandorpTM is the extremely convenient solution to safe drinking water. Wherever you are! Whenever you like!

• The inner cartridge is comprised of magnets, alkaline minerals and filter medium.
• It has the capability to alkalize and re-mineralize your normal tap water.

What’s more! The process is very simple and clear-cut!

• All you need to do is just fill it up, to gain the benefits of pure, alkaline water.
• It’s portable feature allows you to enjoy it wherever you go.
• You now have the ability to drink fresh, clean water throughout the day.
Portable Travel Ionizer
Filtered Alkaline Drinking Water
No Electricity
100% BPA Free
Toxin Free