New Comfort Commercial Quality Ozone Generator and Ioniser for Air Purification

New Comfort Commercial Quality Ozone Generator and Ioniser for Air Purification Price: $159.98 (as of 09/05/2021 04:49 PST- Details)


COMMERCIAL QUALITY – Durable Ionizer and ozone generator with adjustable ozone and fan speed. The New Comfort 03-1000B purifier includes two long lasting washable ozone plates that can easily be removed and is constructed with wood and stainless steel internals. USER FRIENDLY – Variable speed fan and ozone output allows you to optimize your purification needs with the twist of a knob. It is adjustable to run inaudibly in an average size room to quietly purify up to 3500 square feet of air. EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT – Ozone is among the most effective ways to purify air and help to destroy odors, viruses, mold spores, and airborne allergens. Ozone is exceptionally efficient at removing pungent and persistent odors caused by: Food, smoke/water damage, cigarettes, animals etc… Ionization is also a very effective means to help remove unwanted debris and pathogens from breathing air, with this machine you get two of the best purification processes in one affordable unit. AESTHETICS – This New comfort purify will work great in your home or office and best of all the cherry wood finish will keep your area looking clean and sleek while doing it! WARRANTY – The quality construction allows New Comfort to offer a 3 Year Limited Factory Warranty. Washable Cloth filter can last the lifetime of the vacuum. As your filters fill up with dirt simply wash them and reuse. Durable – Dont let the low price fool you. This is a high end vacuum appliance that will look great in any garage. Its high end construction and durability allow it to be protected by the Prolux 3 year warranty (covers everything except filters and tools). Shop with confidence as we are an authorized Prolux Dealer and warranty center.