Cyana110V brand NEW simple industrial date code inkjet printers for plastic bottle

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Printing Height: 1-18mm
Gross weight: 15kg

Technical Parameters:
Jet Print Font: High definition font (can be changed to any font in system according to needs) or dot matrix font;
Entity font and dot matrix font can be mix-edited;
Print Line: Selectable line within 18mm;selectable font with height ranging from 1mm to 18mm;
Special Functions: Strong print,counter reset, timing print, date of bivariate, random code, Chinese-English interface switch;
Print Content: Automatically print date, time, batch no.,class no., serial no., bar code, Logo and name etc;
Can be set with automatically continuous print or timing print; Input Mode Keyboard input,Chinese Pinyin and stroke, font can be changed according to needs;

Print Speed :
Print speed is up to max.38m/m and keeps steady when print lines are increased;
Memory Capacity : Can store 99 print messages;

independent technical parameters for every message;
Operation Interface: User-friendly operation interface in Chinese, graphic function keys with Chinese database;
Chinese-English menu;
Simple and easy operation for dummies; Print Materials: Can print on surfaces of metal, plastics, wood, aluminum, carton box and building materials etc; Ink Consumables: Adopt environment friendly quick-dry ink and sedimentary ink and no need for solvent, or connection with air or built-in air pump, no pollution; Communication Interface: USB Interface,upload or download LOGO images and change font in system according to your special requirements etc; Sensor Interface an Synchronizer(Encoder) Interface, set three induction modes to trigger signal, i.e. Sensor induction, Synchronizer induction and mix of sensor and synchronizer induction;

Stock up time:4days

you will receive it within 5-9 working days.