Cyana Grinding machine electronic ultrasonic polishing machine RTW1800 110V

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Cyana® brand new Grinding machine electronic ultrasonic polishing machine RTW1800 110V

Product Features

1.Power Supply:AC110V
2.power:Ultrasonic:60W,Spark:300W(Level:Coarse ,Middle,Fine)
3.Frequency:20-30KHZ;Max.Amplitude:45UM;Machining accuracy:Ra0.012mm
1. Elctricity circuit adopts electrical souce design with up-to-date green energy-saving switch.
It has many specialties as follows:small volume llight weight energy-saving and environment-protecting high source power transfer efficiency eletricity
web applys AC110V(AC80C-150V) and AC220V(180V-240V).switch is very convenient and extension is very wide.
2. Ultrasonic circuit control adopts mirco-computer single chip control technology design.Its lock efficiency cincture is wider and more precise.
And for work pieces with different shape,it has a fine adaptability to make sure that it works on the best working frequency range and biggest ultrasonic amplitude,especially fibre stone and so on material-consuming fitting ,whose grinding effect is best.
3. The panel operating part uses high-qulity PVC panel intelligent adjustment full light tough electronic switch and has characteristies of dust proof water proof comfortable handle and good-looking simple operation difficult to aging and difficult to damage.
4. The control panel adopts two-number display,separately show regulating power and output power;When opening the machine,it has the displaying function of work time accumulative total,the most accumulative total shows 99 months,which makes enterprise follow and manage users’using condition very efficienly.

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