Casabella Carpet Sweeper

Casabella Carpet Sweeper Price: $20.00 (as of 17/03/2023 19:48 PST- Details)


No Cords!  No Batteries!  Uses No Electricity!

  • Picks up dirt & particles from carpet
  • Quiet operation
  • Empties easily
  • Snap-on brush cleans bristles
  • Reaches under furniture

Forget that bulky vacuum cleaner.  For quick pickups use the Casabella® Compact Carpet Sweeper – it makes cleaning your carpet a breeze!  A wide cleaning brush whisks up all sizes of particles, empties easily and folds flat for storage in tight spaces.  The three piece threaded pole is simple to assemble.

  • Wide cleaning bristles
  • Hangs flat, takes up little space
  • Assembles easily

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