Air Supply Mini-Mate wearable Air Purfier

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Wein Mini-mate Wearable Air Purifier Description The Wearable Air Purifier is a great little product. So many people suffer from seasonal allergies that can be extremely severe on days with high pollen counts. While staying inside can help, often that isn’t practical. Also, because HVAC systems pull outside air into buildings, allergies can be severe even when inside. The Wearable Air Purifier is perfect for these days. It goes everywhere you go, purifying the air you breathe. Before you inhale the pollens into your nostrils, they are sucked into the Wearable Air Purifier and destroyed. Only fresh air, free of pollens as well as other allergens, bacteria and viruses is blown up toward your breathing zone. The Wearable air Purifier has been heavily tested and proven effective. While ionization has its limitations for whole room air purification, it is perfectly adequate for a space as small as a person’s breathing zone. Moreover, can you imagine wearing an air purifier large enough to house a filter around your neck? The Wearable air Purifier is so lightweight to be almost unnoticeable, quite small and totally silent. Highly recommended.